Piedmont Virginia Companies to Change Name to
R. E. Lee Companies

I am proud to announce that Piedmont Virginia Companies is changing its name to R. E. Lee Companies.  This is being done to better represent the R. E. Lee brand – which has a long and storied history in our community, and a strong reputation for quality and integrity.  Our leadership is excited by what it represents.  We have very strong brand recognition and reputation as R. E. Lee and so we can best spread the word about what we do using the brand that has been built over the last 75 years.

As you can see below, the logos for all of the companies have been updated and designed to give a more unified impression. The mark you see on the logos was thoughtfully selected to represent our vision.  The lozenge shape symbolizes honesty and constancy.  The four lozenges built into a large lozenge represent the multiple subsidiary companies that make our larger family of companies.  The color blue symbolizes truth and loyalty, and gold symbolizes generosity and elevation of the mind. The people of the R. E. Lee Companies have been and will always be honorable professionals – true to their word, competent and dependable.  This symbol is our mark to remind us and our community of what we do every day to serve our clients and our community.

The roll out, both internally and externally, will unfold over several months … culminating in a public announcement in February 2015.

To our clients and vendors, our corporate structure our and our federal identification remain unchanged. We ask that you change the name of our account, but you do not need to collect new information regarding our company because everything remains the same, including our address and our phone number.

I see this as a tremendous opportunity to honor and strengthen our values, and to embrace the changes we face in the construction industry as a unified family of companies.

Chris Lee




To pioneer a new type of construction enterprise built on our tradition of honorable professionals – true to their word, competent and dependable.


Our Work Environment which is safe, enjoyable and respectful.

Our People who are dedicated to continuously improve and are passionate about their work.

Our Clients who collaborate with us to create a positive experience.

Our Business Partners who are true to their word, competent and dependable for our mutual success.

Our Community which provides meaning for our life’s work.

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