The R. E. Lee Companies Safety Program is dedicated to providing the expertise, resources and tools necessary to provide our personnel, sub-contractors, vendors and clients with the safest work environment possible. The only goal is that we have zero workplace injuries and illnesses.

A Culture of Zero

There have always been those who have said that it is not possible for a company to be 100% injury and Illness free and simply put they are wrong. Since adopting as policy that the safety and health department will accept nothing less than a goal of 100% injury and illness free worksites the safety performance of all of the R. E. Lee Companies has increased rapidly. While records are not always a good indicator of how well a company is performing those records in conjunction with safety observations, audits, training, outreach and etc. provide us with proof that our workforce is growing more skilled each year and getting closer to the goal of having a culture of zero.

To achieve this goal we do the following:

  • Each new hire attends new hire orientation where a drug and alcohol screen is completed.
  • Mandatory safety training is performed each week in basic safety and health.
  • OSHA 10hr for all Foremen and certain skilled labor.
  • OSHA 30hr for Project Managers and Superintendents.
  • Job specific safety training is required for each person whose job description includes:
    • Confined Space Entries
    • Excavation and Trenching
    • Lockout/Tagout/Tryout
    • Aerial Work Platforms
    • Powder Actuated Tools
    • Scaffolds
    • CPR/First Aid/Defibrillator
    • And many others…
  • Weekly site audits performed by jobsite superintendents or department supervisors.
  • Random site audits performed by the corporate safety director or, where applicable, subsidiary safety director.
  • On-site training performed as needed.